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Latest Updates

First Position in MICCIA'17 Computational Precision Medicine Challenge - Classification of Whole Slide Tissue Images

I participated as TIALab-Team along with my other lab mates. The objective of the challenge is to evaluate and compare classification algorithms and to encourage the biomedical imaging community to design and implement more accurate and efficient algorithms. We got first position for the task of Classification of NSCLC Whole Slide Tissue images into NSCLC adeno and NSCLS squamous with the accuracy of 81%.

Tue 29 Aug 2017, 14:48

Best Presentation Award in Computer Vision Track at WPCCS 2017

The Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science is an annual event held in the Department of Computer Science which brings together postgraduate researchers from Computer Science, the Centre for Scientific Computing and the CDT in Urban Science and Progress to present recent and on-going research.

Mon 03 Jul 2017, 22:21