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Sarabjot's Research Page

My Research Interests include

  • Web Personalization and Recommender Systems
    • Building Ontological User Profiles for Recommendation
    • Contextual Recommender Systems
  • Data Mining/Machine Learning
    • Lazy Learning/Case Based Reasoning
    • Multi Relational Clustering/ Automated Taxonomy Generation
    • Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis
    • Ensemble Models
  • Medical Applications of Machine Learning
    • Prognostic and Diagnostic Models, particularly when the data contains censored observations

    Research Related Activites

    Recent Projects

    • Early detection of Sight Threatening Retinopathy from Fundus Imagery
    • Personalising e-commerce using web mining: PERSONET (Funding Agency: EU Framework V)
    • Intelligent Knowledge and Usage Mining driven Self re-structuring platform (Funding Agency: EU Framework V)
    • iBanking - Web Intelligence Tools for Online Banking (Funding Agency: International Fund for Ireland)
    • Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal
    • Development of methods for evaluation of intelligent systems in healthcare and comparison with statistical approaches (Funding Agency: Medical Research Council)

    Current Research Students

    • Nick Landia: Text Classification, Tag Recommendation
    • Phil Taylor: Cognitive Load Modelling
    • Fatimah Fika: Active Learning, Software Dependability
    • Nentawe Gurumdimma: Text Analysis, Information Extraction, Security

    Graduated Students

    • Tao Li: MultiRelational Clustering, Automated Taxonomy Generation, Recommender Systems
    • Gbolahan Williams: Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Recommender Systems