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Farrukh Qazi


I have been working within Cybersecurity domain since 2011. While employed, I was responsible for managing multiple clients, (both public/ private sectors) for their Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), Security Operations Centre (SOC), Proactive Cyber Security Monitoring, Security Incident and Events Management (SIEM), Pro-active Vulnerability Management, Cyber Forensics and Enterprise Information Security & Assurance, service delivery within an ITIL environment. My previous diverse experience also includes working from high-tech equipped service desk analysis, IT support and system security auditing from varying environments. After successfully earning my MSc. Forensics Computing from Coventry University, UK with merit in 2011, I am currently pursuing a full time Ph.D. in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics from Department of Computer Science, Warwick University, UK. I am very much passionate about investigating various aspects and rational patterns coupled with enterprise cybersecurity, cyber crimes and digital forensics addressing cloud computing, virtualization, enterprise mobility and IoT. My research is primarily focused on:-

• Cyber Forensics Challenges & Modern Distributed Systems
• Digital Evidence Collection, Management, Preservation, Methodologies & Techniques:-

√ Evidence Identification
√ Secure Provenance
√ Chain of Custody
√ Non-Repudiation
√ Tamper Proofing
√ Trust Management
√ Legal Admissibility
√ Filesystems, Metadata & TimeStamps

√ Fair Exchange Protocol

• Cyber Forensics Process Automation & Improvements

• Cyber Forensics, Anti-Forensics & Anti-Anti-Forensics

• Cyber Forensics Implications on Service Oriented Architecture/ Management e.g. SLA Violations, Dispute Resolution and Cloud Service Provisioning Fairness


Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL, United Kingdom
E-mail: f dot a dot qazi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0)24 7652 3193