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James Ravenscroft

Software engineer and architect with a degree in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Robotics. I currently work part time for IBM Watson and part time as a PhD student at the University of Warwick. I am passionate about Natural Language Processing technologies and using modern technology to help further scientific advancement and provide a positive impact on society in general.

Professional Experience

Watson Solutions Architect (2015-Present)
International Business Machines (IBM)
Helping customers understand how best to use the IBM Watson machine learning and cognitive software services through extended enablement sessions, hackathons, architecture workshops and mentoring. I write educational content on machine learning over at my blog. I also do paid services and consulting for IBM customers including software architecture.

CICS Liberty Software Engineer (2014-2015)
International Business Machines (IBM)
Developing and maintaining test automation for CICS Liberty on z/OS in Java, C and CICS COBOL for z/OS. Started an initiative to use Machine Learning and analytics to improve QA practices.

CICS Testing Infrastructure Developer (2013-2014)
International Business Machines (IBM)
Developed and maintained testing infrastructure software within the CICS Delivery Test Service Team working closely with mainframe technologies.

Research Assistant (May - July 2013)
University of Warwick
Worked as a research assistant at the University of Warwick as a summer placement in order to improve the stability and effectiveness of Maria Liakata’s SAPIENTA project.

CICS Testing Software Engineer Placement Year (2011-2012)
International Business Machines (IBM)
Wrote and maintained testing frameworks and applications for the CICS Transaction Processing system. I became familiar with the programming language REXX and was able to apply my Java and Perl knowledge. I led an educational course on PHP teaching colleagues, both technical and non-technical about the language. I also instigated and managed a small scale PHP software project, allowing me to improve my leadership and project management skills.


Applying Core Scientific Concepts to Context-Based Citation Recommendation
Daniel Duma, Maria Liakata, Amanda Clare, James Ravenscroft and Ewan Klein
Link to publication

Multi-label Annotation in Scientific Articles - The Multi-label Cancer Risk Assessment Corpus

James Ravenscroft, Anika Oellrich, Shyamasree Saha and Maria Liakata
Link to publication

BCS AI Conference 2013 Proceedings

Partridge: An Effective System for the Automatic Classification of the Types of Academic Papers
James Ravenscroft , Maria Liakata, Amanda Clare
Link to publication

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James Ravenscroft

j dot ravenscroft(at-nospam)warwick dot ac dot uk


Practical Application of Machine Learning

My main job role focuses on the practical application of machine learning in a cross-industry setting. I have a great deal of experience in the application of text-mining and deployment of conversation bots in Telecoms, Automotive, Education, Retail and Health.

Software Development

I have over 10 years experience as a programmer and developer. I have written desktop applications, lightweight scripts, enterprise web applications and even worked with embedded tech and IoT devices. My programming languages of choice are Python, Java, C, Javascript (Node.js and frontend).

Software Architecture

I have a significant amount of practical experience in designing "cognitive" machine learning applications. I can map a use case into a set of UML diagrams and blueprints and use RAID to capture uncertainties and risks during this process.

Public Speaking and Presenting

I have delivered a number of talks at conferences and education events and was a keynote speaker at YDS 2015