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Archie Powell

About me

I am a third year PhD Candidate in the Department of Computer Science. I am supervised by Dr Gihan Mudalige, working as part of the cross-collaborative ASiMoV project, with Rolls-Royce and several other University partners.


My research focuses on coupling multi-physics codes together to form large computer simulations, and using tools to analyse and improve performance. Within this area, I have developed a small, lightweight 'proxy' coupler, to give insight as to the best way to configure large CFD simulations, and also developed a performance model to predict run-time. I have also been involved in testing emerging parallel programming methods within the scope of a proxy CFD application.


For 2021/2022:

For 2020/2021:

For 2019/2020:


  • A. Powell, K. Choudry, A. Prabhakar, I.Z. Reguly, D. Amirante, S.A. Jarvis and G.R. Mudalige, Predictive Analysis of Large-Scale Coupled CFD Simulations with the CPX Mini-App, IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data and Analytics (HiPC 2021) Bangalore, India Dec 2021. IEEE Computer Society [Best Paper Award].
  • I.Z. Reguly, A.M.B. Owenson, A. Powell, S.A. Jarvis, and G.R. Mudalige, Under the Hood of SYCL – An Initial Performance Analysis With an Unstructured-mesh CFD Application, International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2021), June 2021

Archie Powell

Portrait of Archie Powell


Mathematical Sciences Building

University of Warwick