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Charlie Dickens

About Me

I am a second year PhD student working under the supervision of Graham Cormode on the project 'Small Summaries for Big Data'. This year I will be based at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science. While at the Turing Institute I studied how random projections can be used to speed up how known methods for finding solutions of constrained least squares problems. My current research is focusing on understanding fundamental streaming problems over projections of a large input matrix.

Previously, I studied for my Mathematics MSci at the University of Birmingham. During the course of my studies at Birmingham I was a recipient of the LMS Undergraduate Research Bursary for the project "Reconstructing hidden clustering in a graph: randomness and inhomogeneity" which introduced me to higher-level research and encouraged me to apply to study for a PhD.

Currently, we are studying randomised algorithms for fundamental matrix computations and related problems. This is a vibrant area of research using ideas from fundamental topics in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Such methods will be useful in developing algorithms for 'massive data' which is becoming ubiquitous in applications.

For papers and code see:

  • ICML 2018 , Leveraging Well-Conditioned Bases: Streaming and Distributed Summaries in Minkowski $p$-Norms, with Graham Cormode and David P. Woodruff, Accepted for long talk at ICML 2018
  • Turing Enrichment Year work - under submission

Please see: cv 

Talks and Presentations:

I have experience teaching the following modules:

  • CS131 - Mathematics for Computer Scientists II (Introduction to Number Systems, Linear Algebra, and Analysis)
Events and Professional Experience:
  • Turing Institute Data Study Group - Co-facilitated a group on cyber security for the Turing Institute's Data Study Group in May 2017. This involved planning the work, leading the group, and delegating tasks depending on whose expertise was best suited. My other co-facilitator and I had to ensure the group was updating a report on the findings and then helped prepare a presentation on these findings at the end of the week, alongside participating with useful work throughout the week as well.
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Charlie Dickens

c dot dickens at warwick dot ac dot uk