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Sarah Alshamrani

My Name is Sarah Alshamrani Alshaikhi. I am a postgraduate student at the computer science department.

Research Group:

The Educational Technology Group which is part of the Human Centred Computing Research group which supervised by my supervisor Mike Joy.

Research Interest:

  • Mixed Reality.
  • Education Technology.
  • M-Learning.

My Research:

In the past, the only way to receive educational content was through traditional methods, which included engaging the learners in full interaction with non-interactive books. Nowadays, we can generate three-dimensional virtual vision by using high-performance computer graphics, which is called Augmented Reality (AR).

My research focuses on investigating a new approach to emerging and integrating computing education with AR technology in Saudi Arabia. The research will follow the design science methodology which is a mixed method approach for data collection and analysis. As design science research is considered to be problem focused research, its main tasks are the illustration of the design problems and evaluation of design solutions.

Work Experience:

I worked for Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman since 2014-present.


Using Augmented Reality in Computing Higher Education,17th International Conference ITS 2021, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2021.