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Grzegorz Lisowski

About Me

Hello! I am a Computer Science PhD student at Warwick, supervised by Dr. Paolo Turrini. Previously I studied MSc in Logic at the University of Amsterdam (ILLC), spending my last semester as a visiting student at the University of Toulouse (IRIT). I graduated with a thesis on multi-agent abstract argumentation, supervised by Dr. Sylvie Doutre, Dr. Umberto Grandi and Prof. Sonja Smets. If I am not doing research, I am most probably climbing.


My research is focused on strategic behaviour in computational social choice. Among other topics in collective decision making, I study how agents can influence the results of collective decision making by spreading their opinions in a social network.

You can find the list of my publications on my DBLP profile.


I have been involved with the teaching of the following modules:

  • CS255 Artificial Intelligence (Term 1, 2018/2019)
  • CS404 Agent Based Systems (Term 2, 2018/2019)
  • CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory (Term 2, 2018/2019; Term 1, 2019/2020)
  • CS259 Formal Languages (Term 2, 2019/2020)

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Grzegorz Lisowski

To contact me, drop me an e-mail:

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