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Debaleena Roy

About Me

I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science. My PhD is funded via Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick. I am working with Dr. Victor Sanchez and Dr. Tanaya Guha as my supervisors. I am a Marie-Curie fellow from IDENTITY project.

Before joining as a PhD student, I also worked with Dr. Victor Sanchez as a Research Assistant in Warwick. I completed my Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from WBUT, India. Thereafter, I also completed my Master Degree in Computer Science and Technology from JU, India. During my Master Degree my dissertation topic was 'Shape Index Similarity Based Patches for 3D Face Recognition'.

I was also associated as an academician in Department of Computer Science and Mathematics for 6 years in various universities in India.

Besides CS I love biking, music and explore cooking from different cuisine.

My Research and Publications


My research interests are in the field of Signal and Image Processing along with various Deep Learning and Machine Learning approaches.

My current research area focuses on Image and Video Compression for HEVC standard. In particular, I am working on Graph-based signal processing for image and video coding. My research also combines Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts for prediction. The objective of this research is to design a novel and effective end-to-end image and video compression technique in collaboration with Deep Learning approach by representing and analyzing several modern edge imaging data as digital signal in the domain of Graph-Based Transformation.

List of Publications:


2020/21 Term 1:

CS413: Image and Video Analysis (Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant)

2019/20 Term 2:

CS355: Digital Forensics (Teaching Assistant/ Demonstrator- lab)

2018/19 Term 2:

CS355: Digital Forensics (Teaching Assistant/ Demonstrator- lab)

2018/19 Term 1:

CS258 : Database Management System (Teaching Assistant/ Demonstrator- lab)

Academic Appointments

Visiting Research Scholar:
Research Assistant:

Project Title: Graph-Based Transforms based on Prediction Inaccuracy Modeling for Pathology Image Coding
Supervisor: Dr. Victor Sanchez

Assistant Professor:


Debaleena Roy

CS2.29, University of Warwick