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Ali Mohammadi Shanghooshabad

About Ali

Ali is a third-year PhD student in Computer Science, funded by the EPSRC under supervision of prof. Peter Triantafillou. He started his PhD research on examining the machine learning techniques on data systems, especially in big data environment.


Ali tries to improve machine learning techniques for data systems and vice versa. Currently, he is working on random sampling over extra large joins which is of interest because the join over huge tables are expensive in terms of running time, space and money.

Teaching Assistant in modules:
  • CS258: Databases (Term 1, 2019)
  • CS909: Data Mining (Term 2, 2020)
  • CS258: Databases (Term1, 2020)
  • CS909 Data Mining (Term 2, 2021)
  • A.M. Shanghooshabad, M.S. Shekelyan, M. Kurmanji, Q. Ma, M. Almasi and P. Triantafillou. “PGMJoins: Random Join Sampling with Graphical Models”. To appear in ACM SIGMOD 2021.
  • A.M. Shanghooshabad, "XLJoins". To appear in ACM SRC SIGMOD 2021.
  • Q. Ma, A.M. Shanghooshabad, M. Kurmanji, M. Almasi, and P. Triantafillou. “Learned Approximate Query Processing: Make it Light, Accurate and Fast”. In Proceedings of CIDR 2021
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  • Mohammad Mahdi Motevali, Ali Mohammadi Shanghooshabad, Reza Zohouri Aram, and Hamidreza Keshavarz. "Who: A new evolutionary algorithm bio-inspired by wildebeests with a case study on bank customer segmentation". International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 33(05):1959017, 2019
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