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Centre for Doctoral Training and Research in Computer Science


Scholarships and Funding

Applications to CS CDT are considered through the CS PhD Application Process
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CDT Director:

Prof Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu

CDT Administrator:

Yvonne Colmer

y dot colmer at warwick dot ac dot uk

Our Research Output

Publications by Warwick Computer Science researchers can be found on the WRAP publications service.

Further a selection of Doctoral Theses by our graduates can be found here.

About the CS CDT

Computer Science Centre for Doctoral Training and Research provides a stimulating research environment for our PhD students, enrich their experience, and strengthen their research quality. The PhD students in the CDT work in an interdisciplinary environment, which allow them make a lasting contribution to their field. The CDT provides opportunities for our PhD students to gain foundational training, specialist knowledge, multi-disciplinary expertise and the leadership skills necessary for computer science researchers. It supports students to build relationships with other students, teams within the University and forge links with industry and organisations outside of the University.

Opportunities at the Centre

Research is a collaborative experience where students are funded to include technical and transferable skills training, as well as the research element. Our CDT environment equips students to look at real world problems from a holistic view and explore innovative ideas. We bring together multiple areas of expertise to train next generation computer scientists and engineers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle today's evolving issues, and future challenges.

The CS Centre for Doctoral Training and Research benefits from state-of-the-art facilities in the new Mathematical Sciences Building, part of a £27million investment.

Research Excellence

Computer Science at Warwick is renowned for producing high-quality high-impact research. Our students are expected to publish their research in premier venues, and present their work at leading international conferences. These links provide more information on our PhD programme and research activities.

Postgraduate Colloquium

Each year our students organise and present their work at WPCCS, Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science, and engage in smaller group meetings and presentations throughout the year to share and discuss their work in a collaborative and supportive environment.


All students are encouraged to make use of training opportunities available in the department and in the university. Training ranges from taught modules, seminars and workshops, to enhancing your professional and transferrable skills. Our aim is to train excellent PhD students who have undertaken high quality original research and who are well-prepared for a career, either in academia or elsewhere.

Alan Turing Institute

We are one of the co-founders of the Alan Turing Institute. Through the Universities alliance with the Turing Institute, students have the opportunity to apply to spend time at the Institute.