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Minutes of past meetings are available from this page. The most recent meeting minutes are always provisional, pending their approval at the next meeting.

2020-21: 28th October 2020

2019-20: 4th November 2019; 29th January 2020; 20th May 2020; 19th August 2020; Meeting to Discuss TA Arrangements for 2020/21

2018-19: 22nd October 2018 21st January 2019 15th May 2019 WPCCS19 Report

2017-18: 23rd October 2017 2nd February 2018 9th May 2018 14th August 2018 Annual Report WPCCS18 Report

2016-17: 17th October 2016 23rd January 2017 12th May 2017 13th July 2017 Annual Report WPCCS17 Report

Before 2016-17 the PGR SSLC and PGT SSLC were a joint SSLC, the minutes of which can be found here.