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Thoughts re Scifest 2017

Our plan for this year is to stage two workshops: one scheduled, the other a non-stop workshop:

Construals of Engines

The scheduled workshop will involve discussing and making an engine simulation:

There will be six (?) workshop sessions, 3 on Thursday and Friday at 10-11, 11.30-12.30, 13.00-14.00.

Plan for the workshop

10 minute introduction - contextualisation / language issue

Poster scene setting in English and Finnish / Scope of discussion

40 minute Starter exercise in the MCE - see first draft of resources at

5 minute demo with interactive changing of parameters in Nick's 3D engine model - prototype at

- which is using a more advanced version of JS-Eden.


Working resources being used/adapted for the engine simulation workshop include:

  • Nick's version of Seb's model:

  • Richard Cartwright's engine model (visual only - not sure where the source is these days!) Might be just what we need for a simple rectangle-based model though.
  • A 3D engine model made by Nick [a screenshot wuld be useful]. This uses advanced features that are based on the Hyperfun geometric modelling concept and will be beyond the scope of what students get to use themseles in the workshop. Nick will doubtless be releasing a 3D model at some stage, though this requires his own version of jseden right now!
Non-stop workshop

We also plan to have some non-stop workshop activities in parallel with the scheduled workshop, as last year.

It would suit the purpose of the CONSTRUIT! project for us to revisit the best of what we've done over the three years and present these in the new MCE. As I discovered at the Athens Scifest, it is now much easier to do such presentation informally and to engage with different kinds of audiences without having to invest lots of effort in setting up each resource. In some ways, making lots of construals available for experimental use is a good way of reviewing and evaluating the progress that has been made in the project.