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Multimedia Processing and Computer Vision

Research Areas

The Multimedia Processing and Computer Vision laboratory is widely known as one of the best of its kind in the UK and has also earned international recognition. Its work has involved collaboration with industrial partners and academics from UK and abroad. Its ongoing research covers a broad spectrum of computational techniques associated with visual and audio media, from video compression to medical image processing.

A particular feature of our work over in past 25 years has been the use of multiresolution signal representations. These include wavelets and related transforms for compression and segmentation and 'coarse-fine' methods for estimation of disparity fields in such areas as stereopsis and visual motion.

We have collaborated with many other research groups within the University of Warwick, including the Mathematics Institute and the Departments of Statistics and Psychology, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire and at other Institutions, including Yale, Harvard, Zurich and Bristol Universities, the Institute of Psychiatry and organisations such as Oxford GlycoSciences Ltd, Sony Broadcast and Professional (Europe), DERA Malvern (now QinetiQ) and the Forensic Science Service. Recently we have been involved in several projects with Warwick Medical School, Pattern Analytics Ltd, and Jaguar Land Rover research.

Faculty members*

Dr Abhir Bhalerao

Prof Chang-Tsun Li (now at Deakin University, Melbourne)

Prof Graham Martin

Prof Victor Sanchez

Dr Thomas Popham (School of Engineering)

Prof Nathan Griffiths

      You can find more information about our research work and our publications on the individual member pages.

      Research Students and Graduates

      Jun Wang - Radiology image captioning and report generation

      Saif Anwar - Interpretable and explainable ML for transportation systems

      Wenbo Wei - Panoptic segmentation

      Kai Liang - Applications of SlowFast networks for predicting vehicle manoeuvres

      Cristina Manoila - Knee disease modelling from MRI

      Jack Adams - Explainable and robust deep ANNs

      Tom Wood - Automatic Music Transcription

      Ian Tu - Vehicle occupant state and monitoring using Computer Vision

      Dr Greg Watson - Person Re-Identification (Assistant Professor, Warwick)

      Jamie Bayne - Optimizing vision algorithms for modern HPC systems

      Matt Smith (Department of Statistics) - Convolutional Neural Networks, Sparse networks and Deep Learning

      Dr Xin Lu - Scalable Video Coding (now Senior Lecturer, de Monfort University)

      Dr Heechan Park - Affine Symmetric Image Modelling and Its Applications

      Dr Thomas Popham - Multicamera surface estimation and Multicamera Scene-flow estimation (Associate Prof, Warwick)

      Dr Qiang Zhang - Medical Image Analysis, Computer Aided Diagnosis, Segmentation and object parameterization using Part Based Models (Research Fellow, Oxford)

      *Our founding member, Professor Roland Wilson sadly passed away in November 2019. You may read about his life and wonderful contribution to the work of our research group here.

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