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Call For Abstracts

This is a reminder about WPCCS 2013, which will be taking place on Friday 28th June. This event is mandatory for all post graduate students in their first three years of study, and all such students should submit an abstract for the WPCCS 2013 event.

For those of you who are new to the department, the WPCCS event is an annual showcase of departmental research in which each PhD student is expected to present for approximately 10-15 minutes on their research to date. The presentation forms part of the end of year assessment process and is therefore mandatory for all PhD students in their first three years. We will
also be accepting proposals for demonstration sessions if you would prefer to demo your tools than make a full research presentation, though you must still submit an abstract.

Abstracts should be 150-400 words (no longer than one side of A4), and cover the details of a proposed presentation, detailing your recent research. This abstract will then be reviewed by WPCCS13 program committee and feedback provided. In line with last year there will be *no* extension for the event due to the compressed time-frame. The submission process is open now on the WPCCS13 webpage.

Key Dates:

* Abstract Submission deadline - Friday 7th June 2013
* Author Notification - Friday 14th June 2013
* WPCCS 2013 Event - Friday 28th June 2013

When submitting your abstract you should use the web-form to clearly indicate whether you would like a free lunch to be provided for you, and also indicate your participation in a subsidised after-event meal.