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Study Abroad

Spending a year studying abroad can be a great way to explore new cultures and educational experiences. You will also meet lots of new and interesting people.

There are a number of options available to students wishing to study abroad.

In the past we have had students go to:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Turkey

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

HKUST is one of the leading science and technology universities in Asia. The department has built up a good relationship with them, and a number of students have gone out over the years.

For the 21/22 academic year we have one placement at HKUST.

Because of our close working relationship, and knowledge of the curriculum we are able to offer the option of studying a third year at HKUST for credit as part of a 4 year programme in addition to the more traditional intercalated year.

Other International placements

For the 21/22 academic year, we have placements at the following institutions

Country Institution Places available
Australia Monash 1
China Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen 2
  Nottingham Ningbo University 1

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

(University of Michigan Joint Institute)

  Tsinghua 1
Japan Nagoya University 1
Malaysia Monash University Malaysia  

Application Process

To apply to any of these placements you should complete the application form on eVision (

There is a video on the application process which can be found at

Applications open on 16th November 2020.

The closing date for applications is 4th December 2020.


During your intercalated year, the University charges a reduced fee; further information on the fees is available from the Academic Office website. If you wish to speak to someone about this in more detail, you can visit Student Reception in Senate House or email

Students who are supported by their Local Education Authority need to make sure they do not miss the LEA deadline for approval of funding, which may mean that they need to transfer to an Intercalated Year degree during the 1st term of the academic year preceding their year away.


If you experience difficulties during your year away which you would like to discuss with us, you can contact your personal tutor, the Intercalated Year Coordinator,, the SU Advice Centre or Student Support.


In order to qualify as an intercalated year, you must complete some assessment.

1. You need to submit a written report about your intercalated year activities. This needs to arrive at the department by Monday of Week 2, of the Autumn Term following your placement year. It should be approximately 1500 words long, plus appendices if needed and be sent by recorded delivery or by email, to Steve Shaw (Programme Coordinator).

Your intercalated year report should include details of (a) the work pursued/completed during the year, and (b) how you have benefited from the experience.

It is not necessary for you to provide a very detailed description of the work; particularly if the work was of a confidential or sensitive nature. However, you should provide sufficient information for the assessors to determine whether the work was relevant to your degree course. For example, the report should describe the area in which you worked, the tasks you had to complete, your responsibilities, the supervision/management arrangements, the level of support provided by the company, if you worked as an individual or as a member of a team, if you were able to apply the knowledge gained from the first two years of your course, if you attended any training course(s), any new technical skills you have learnt, etc.

How did you personally benefit from the intercalated year? For example, the report should describe if you learnt any new key/personal skills, if the experience was helpful in determining the direction of your future career, if you would consider applying for a graduate level position with the company, if you would recommend an intercalated year to other students, if you participated in any extra-curricular activities (e.g. university student recruitment, company social events), if you enjoyed the year, etc.
The report is intended to be free format and open-ended. Intercalated year placements vary enormously and therefore it is difficult for us to be prescriptive about the content of the report. Some past students have included appendices such as a diary, departmental structure diagram, etc. The choice is very much yours.

These assessment components will be considered by two members of the academic staff, to determine whether you have spent the intercalated year in a manner which is profitable, and relevant to your degree subject. If you pass this assessment, you will be eligible for a degree 'with Intercalated Year'.

Note that, for the purposes of weighting the marks for your whole degree, the "weighting" for the intercalated year is 0, i.e. your overall degree mark used to calculate your degree classification will only use the marks awarded in the non-intercalated years.

During your year away

The department will ask you to stay in touch in a variety of ways throughout your year away.

Contact Details

Please fill out a form with your contact details during your year away, which is available here.


While you are away, you will be required to complete a questionnaire at four different stages during the year. (Typically October, December, April, July).

You will be sent a link for the questionnaire by email.

Academic Visit

If you have a placement with a company in the UK, we will seek to arrange at least one visit by an academic member of staff from the Department.

Returning to University

As you will be away for a year, there are some matters which will require your attention:

Selecting a project

You will need to find a project for the year when you come back. On returning from a year in industry, many students will choose a project aligned to their experiences. You can do this during your year away by browsing the project suggestions and contacting the relevant academic members of staff by email. In the case of 3rd year projects, you can alternatively find a supervisor and project before you depart. or further assistance, you can approach the project organisers Ranko Lazic (3rd Year) and Michael Gale (4th Year).


You will need to contact Warwick Accommodation to arrange accommodation for the year after - you will be able to contact them from term 1 during your year out. The deadline for applications is usually in November but check the Warwick Accommodation website in October. The telephone number for the Accommodation Office is +44 (0) 24 76523772.