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CH979: Devices and Fabrication

This module aims to cover the basics of clean room technologies and device fabrication. The specifics of diamond processing will be addressed in context with silicon technologies. The operation of basic semiconductor devices will be explained.

By the end of the module students should:

  1. Understand basic semiconductor device operation.
  2. Understand the basic structure and motivation behind clean room technologies.
  3. Be able to design suitable workflows for device fabrication.
  4. Understand the specific differences between diamond fabrication and silicon technologies.

Lecture 1: (Williams)
Basic semiconductor concepts: band structure, density of states etc
Lecture 2: (Williams)
Fermi level and doping
Lecture 3: (Williams)
PN junction and metal semiconductor contacts
Lecture 4: (Williams)
Lecture 5: (Williams)
Cleaning diamond: acid treatments, plasma etching
Lecture 6: (Williams)
Polishing of diamond: mechanical lapping, laser polishing, Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Lecture 7: (Williams)
Ion Beam technologies: Focused Ion beam, milling, deposition and sputter cleaning
Lecture 8: (Williams)
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Lecture 9: (Gammon)
Power devices and circuits I
Lecture 10: (Gammon)
Power devices and circuits II
Lecture 11: (Gu)
Introduction to clean room processing
Lecture 12: (Gu)
Lithography: optical and ebeam lithographic techniques
Lecture 13: (Gu)
Wet processing: cleaning materials (diamond specifics)metching & lift-off chemistries, metal compatibilities and choice of etchants etc
Lecture 14: (Gu)
Dry processes: plasma basics, reactive ion etching and sputtering, deep RIE etc
Lecture 15: (Gu)
Deposition of dielectrics
Lecture 16: (Gu)
Metallisation of semiconductors: sputtering, evaporation, ebeam etc

Module Leader

Prof. Oliver Williams


Oliver Williams

Contributing Lecturers:

Dr. Erdan Gu (Strathclyde)
Dr. Peter Gammon (Warwick)

CH979: Moodle Page 2018/19

CH979 Timetable