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CH980: Applications of High Performance Materials

Principal Module Aims are:
  1. To promote an appreciation for the wider context of diamond science and technology (DST): the applications, the alternative materials, and the competitor technologies. This includes an opportunity to explore and reflect on the ethical issues of research and application of new technology.
  2. To expose students to seminars from world-leaders in both academic and industrial DST and related fields.
  3. To ensure students engage with the information from these seminars - both individually and collectively - and use it to put their coursework into a wider context.
  4. To encourage collation and critical analysis of a body of scientific work and practice in presenting this information to a variety of audiences.
On completion of this module, the student should:
  1. Have a good appreciation of the wider context of their chosen research topic.
  2. Have gained practical experience of collating complex scientific information and recording it in a form that is useful to them or their peers for future reference.
  3. Have gained practical experience of presenting complex scientific ideas to different audiences: in particular their peers and other DST specialist, the wider scientific community and interested members of the general public.

DST Research Seminar Series

The research seminars associated with this module will be listed here and advertised on twitter!

Module Leader

Prof Alan Kemp



Contributing Lecturers:

Prof. Alan Kemp (Strathclyde)

CH980: Moodle Page 2018/19

CH980 Timetable