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CH981: Mini Research Project 1 and 2

LJ Research

The mini-projects will take place at two different institutes (one of which can be industry) to the host PhD university thus exposing the student to two completely different research environments in year 1 and significantly enhancing the student experience. The mini-projects will be linked thematically, to the main PhD project, and these interactions will be maintained during years 2-4, enabling the student to further develop expertise that the host institute does not have, bringing added value to the project.

All practical arrangements (e.g. accommodation, travel, etc.) for the mini-projects will be organised well in advance and will not result in extra-cost to the students.

The students will be empowered to take ownership of their PhD research projects. During the MSc year, they will take the lead in maintaining contact with their yr 2-4 host supervisor, in order to e.g. obtain recommended reading, discuss papers, research ideas, review how the mini-projects are progressing etc. The host PhD supervisor thus takes on the role of academic mentor and will also be involved, in part, in assessing mini-project performance.

Stand Alone MSc - Research Projects

Students taking a stand alone MSc will be based at the University of Warwick for their research project. If these students wish to complete the research components at another institution, additional costs associated with research projects will be covered by the student or sponsoring company.

Module Leader

Prof Julie Macpherson


Julie Macpherson

Contributing Lecturers:

Prof. Julie Macpherson (Warwick)

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