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PX907: Diamond Photonics and Quantum Devices

The Principal Module Aims are:

  1. To provide students with a basic understanding of optics, optical waveguides, and lasers.
  2. To provide an introduction to the fundamental principles of quantum information.
  3. To provide an understanding of the key attractions, contributions, and challenges of diamond and its colour centres to photonic and quantum devices.
  4. To offer some hands-on experience of the optical and quantum science of diamond.

Students will achieve a basic grounding in the physics and application of diamond to photonics and quantum devices. They will learn about principles of operation; advantages and challenges of diamond; device design and manufacture. They will gain practical experience in optics and spintronics experiments, and in finite element modelling of relevant optical systems.

Module Leader

Prof. Jason Smith


Jason Smith

Contributing Lecturers:

Dr. Alan Kemp (Strathclyde)
Dr. Gavin Morley (Warwick)
Dr. Joshua Nunn (Bath)

PX907: Moodle Page 2018/19

PX907 Timetable