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Requirements for Taught Postgraduate Awards

These Requirements for Taught Postgraduate Awards apply to all postgraduate students, full-time and part-time, regardless of the date of their initial registration, with the exception of students originally registered under departmental conventions that would result in a more beneficial outcome for the student.

Requirements for Taught Postgraduate Awards

Masters Skills Programme

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Absence due to Illness

In the first instance, please email the DST teaching fellow if you are absent due to illness. Please also be aware of the following university guidelines:

Absence due to illness 1

Absence due to illness 2

Authorised Absence

Periods of absence due to causes other than illness should be agreed in advance with the Teaching Fellow as well as any relevant module leaders or supervisors, prior to the time of absence.

Mitigating/Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating or mitigating circumstances are those events which have had a detrimental effect on your study, to the point that it is in your interest to draw the department’s attention to them and ask for them to be considered in mitigation of poor performance. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) illness, both bodily and emotional; the severe illness or death of a close family member; a shocking or traumatic personal experience. In addition, sudden, unexpected changes in family circumstances might affect your ability to make academic progress as a consequence of their demonstrable emotional impact upon you, and may also be considered as mitigation.

In the first instance, please inform the teaching fellow of any mitigating/extenuating circumstances. Please also be aware of the following university guidelines:

Mitigating/Extenuating Circumstances

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