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Ben Reed

My academic home is Aberystwyth University from which I graduated in July 2014 with a 1st B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Physics. During my time at Aberystwyth, I found that condensed matter physics was my forte and hence my motivation to accept the opportunity to study at Warwick's Diamond Science & Technology CDT; a decision which I believe has proven to be quite advantageous to my education and my future research career. The course has been intense, challenging, and fun from the get-go, exploring a multitude of condensed matter topics in a variety of materials, not just diamond; the course would be beneficial to anyone with a passion for materials science in general. My final-year undergraduate project was entitled 'Directed deposition of photovoltaic inks using clay particles' and encompassed new research in the field of thin film photovoltaics. My PhD project will involve studying the metal-mediated growth of epitaxial graphene on diamond, bringing together two extremely interesting and versatile materials with exceptional properties.

PhD Title: Diamond-graphene interfaces
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Andy Evans
Institution: Aberystwyth University


Diamond Science MSc Prize 2015

B. Reed

Ben Reed

Materials Physics
Department of Physics, IMPACS
Room 108, The Physical Sciences Building
Aberystwyth University

Tel: +44(0) 1970 622 803