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Amber Wassell

I gained a Master’s degree in Physics at Cardiff University in 2015. My particular area of interest is solid state physics and studying this course at the University of Warwick gave me the opportunity to practically apply the skills learned in industry. I am now undertaking my PhD at Cardiff University in 'Time resolved spectroscopy of colour centres in Diamond for Quantum Technologies'. My Initial plan is to research multiple colour centres into which not much previous work has been carried out, with the hope of finding some potentially interesting colour centres for use in quantum technologies. I am working in colaboration with De Beers technologies so it is hoped that research carried out will be beneficial to them as well as to my PhD. Starting my PhD has not only allowed me to futher my knowledge of diamond, but also to gain practical skills which I hope to be able to pass on to younger generations through teaching and marking opportunities avaliable at the University.

PhD Title: Time Resolved Spectroscopy of Colour Centres in Diamond for Quantum Technologies
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Lynch
Institution: Cardiff University


Amber Wassell

Cardiff University
The Parade,
Cardiff, CF24 3AA