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Newcastle University

 newcastle_master_colrgb.jpg Dr. Jonathan Goss Electrical and Electronic Engineering jonathan dot goss at newcastle dot ac dot uk
Prof Patrick Briddon Electrical and Electronic Engineering patrick dot briddon at ncl dot ac dot uk
Dr Alton Horsfall Electrical and Electronic Engineering alton dot horsfall at ncl dot ac dot uk
Prof Nick Wright Electrical and Electronic Engineering nick dot wright at ncl dot ac dot uk
Dr Lidija Siller Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials lidija dot siller at ncl dot ac dot uk

Cohort 3

Claire Meara

C. Meara

PhD Title: Accurate Electronic Structure Calculations of Diamond: Quantum Dots and Defect Energies
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Jon Goss
Institution: Newcastle University

Jovana Vukajlovic

J. Vukajlovic

PhD Title: Diamond-doped silica aerogels for geoengineering
PhD Supervisor:
Prof. Lidija Siller
Newcastle University

Cohort 5

Alexander Freeman

PhD Title: Solid-State Diamond Electron Devices
PhD Supervisor: Dr Jon Goss and Prof Nick Wright
Institution: Newcastle University