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Oxford University

 university_of_oxford.png Dr. Jason Smith Materials jason dot smith at materials dot ox dot ac dot uk
Dr Martin Booth Engineering martin dot booth at eng dot ox dot ac dot uk
Prof John Foord Chemistry john dot foord at chem dot ox dot ac dot uk
Dr Joshua Nunn Physics j dot nunn1 at physics dot ox dot ac dot uk
Prof Richard Todd Materials richard dot todd at materials dot ox dot ac dot uk
Prof Ian Walmsley Physics walmsley at physics dot ox dot ac dot uk

Cohort 1: PhD, Year 3

Tom Scott
T. Scott

PhD Title: Influence of binders on microstructure and mechanical properties of polycrystalline diamond
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Richard Todd
Institution: University of Oxford

Cohort 2: PhD, Year 2

Ella Bentin


PhD Title: Electrochemical sensing of endocrine disruptors
PhD Supervisor: Prof. John Foord
Institution: University of Oxford

Maabur Sow


PhD Title: Functionalised Nanodiamond for In-Vivo Imaging of Neural Processes
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Achillefs Kapanidis
Institution: University of Oxford

Shazeaa Ishmael


PhD Title: Freeing the NV Qubit with an Efficient Quantum Optical Interface
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Jason Smith
Institution: University of Oxford

Robin Laurence


PhD Title: Effects of Strain Rates, Loading Directions and Fatigue on Impact Behaviour of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Richard Todd
Institution: University of Oxford

Cohort 4: MSc Year

Andrew Kirkpatrick


Before joining DST, I studied a MSc in Condensed Matter Physics at Queen Mary, University of London. Throughout my academic studies I have always been motivated to study the structure and symmetry of materials, with particular research into perovskites and their hybrid analogues. My masters also provided my first exposure to quantum technologies and advanced optics whist studying at UCL. When Mark Newton introduced the DST to me, it was clear to see that it presented a unique opportunity to study one of the most interesting and diverse structures, diamonds, whilst also getting involved in quantum technology research at the University of Oxford. The opportunities to work with leading academics and industry partners meant that, in addition to studying interesting physics, I would have access to a large network of support and experience during my PhD. I look forward to the integrated masters at the University of Warwick as an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and generally not have to take the tube anymore.

PhD Title: Engineering the Optical Properties of Diamond using Laser Processing
PhD Supervisor: Dr Jason Smith and Prof Martin Booth
Institution: University of Oxford