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Our students are active in outreach. Find out about previous and upcoming outreach events here.

Through our outreach events we hope to inspire more people to become interested in science and nurture the fascination in the younger generation with the hope that one day they may wish to pursue a career in the sciences.

Diamonds in Space - British Science Week Fair 2018

Diamonds in Space - British Science Week Fair 2018, Aberystwyth University Kerry Whittlesea

As part of British Science Week 2018, Aberystwyth University hosted a 3-day event where students from acros…

Image courtesy of Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Student News

Wed 23 May '18
Beach Lab 2018
Beach Lab 2018 When: Saturday 30th June
Where: Aberystwyth Bandstand, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth
Audience: All ages

What’s going on?: The beach lab will return to Aberystwyth bandstand where the Aberystwyth Robotics Club will be showcasing their current projects and a range of interactive entertainment robots. DST students have also been kindly invited to return to put on a stand showing the interesting and unique properties of diamond through several interactive activities.

DST students at the Glasgow Science Festival
Glasgow Science Festival When: 16th-17th June
Where: Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow
Audience: All ages

What’s going on?: As part of the Glasgow Science Festival, the CDT have teamed up with the Strathclyde Student Community for Optics, Physics and Engineering (SCOPE) to but on a display at the Kelvingrove Family Weekend at the Kelvingrove Museum. You can come and learn all about how diamond interacts with light compared to other materials, and what in its structure makes it behave this way.

Fri 11 May '18
Pint of Science: Diamonds, cats and rollercoasters

...and who said physics was boring?! Join scientists from Warwick for this diamante studded event where we'll be exploring some ingenious research going on in Warwick's Physics department. Want to know how to make a diamond appear in two places at once? How your engagement ring might be put to work elsewhere? How about how they make rollercoasters safe yet spine-tingly satisfying? This is the event for you!

Tuesday 15th May
7:30 - 9:30pm
Drapers Earl Street, Coventry

Tickets Available Here!