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Bruno Rodriguez

I graduated in Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cantabria and also studied a MSc in Integrity and durability of materials. I have been always linked to material science from a structural point of view, but I was introduced to the diamond-like carbon coatings while I researched its biomedical applications at the NTNU. The topic attracted me so much that I decided to apply to the Diamond Science & Technology scheme at Warwick.

During my PhD, I will investigate the effect of silicon doping on graphitic coatings deposited via magnetron sputtering and how this doping may affect the friction and its effect on the thermal operating window. I will also work with different deposition processes and doping possibilties as well as other coatings, such as MoS2.

PhD Title: Optimisation and Performance of Diamond-Like Coatings for Automotive Applications
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Shollock and Dr. John Low
Institution: University of Warwick

B. Rodriguez

Bruno Rodriguez

Warwick Manufacting Group
University of Warwick

Office:IDL 3rd floor