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Guy Stimpson

Prior to my academic studies I had a career as a chef which took me all over the country and allowed me to gain a knowledge of a wide range of cuisines.

Since then, I have completed an Astrophysics BSc at Aberystwyth University in Wales and at Warwick I have completed the MSc in Diamond Science and am now pursuing a PhD.

In my research I am investigating the use of nitrogen vacancy defects in diamonds for nanoscale magnetometry and quantum information purposes. These defects provide novel ways of interacting and reading out magnetic fields which may prove useful in a number of fields, ranging from magnetocardiography to semiconductor design and fabrication. Of particular interest to my research is the possibility of using these nitrogen vacancy centres to probe and manipulate individual atoms locate within solid materials. With potential relevance to both classical and quantum computing, these technologies are an exciting part of modern physics research.

During the course of my research I am applying a number of exciting techniques with a particular emphasis on confocal fluorescence microscopy and optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) at low temperatures. I also hope to gain an insight into optical trapping and a range of other techniques peripheral to my main project goals.

As a part of my PhD course I will be required to undertake laboratory demonstrations, including some which will see me working with the newer cohorts in the Diamond Science and Technology programme. Also with the DST I attend the annual Diamond Conference in Warwick.

Privately I am also an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer with a particular interest in deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebulae. In my undergraduate degree I participated in outreach events which sought to engage the public and encourage interest into the space sciences.

Publications: An open-source high-frequency lock-in amplifier (online version here) - G. A. Stimpson, M. S. Skilbeck, R. L. Patel, B. L. Green, and G. W. Morley

PhD Title: Quantum Technology with Single Nitrogen Vacancy Centres in High Purity Nanodiamonds
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Gavin Morley
Institution: University of Warwick


Guy Stimpson

Department of Physics
University of Warwick

Tel: 024 7615 1084

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