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DST Research Themes

Diamond possesses an amazing range of extreme properties. New diamond technologies, which exploit these properties, have the potential to revolutionise society through transformative breakthroughs in electronics & devices, geophysics, manufacturing, measurement & sensing, theory & computation, medical, biophysics & biochemistry, optics & photonics and quantum technologies.

To make the greatest leaps, properties must be exploited in combination, not in isolation. This requires multi-disciplinary trained scientists capable of working across scientific boundaries.

Extreme properties of diamond

PhD Topic Areas

ed_xsmall.pngElectronics & Devices



ms_xsmall.pngMeasurement & Sensing

th_com_xsmall.pngTheory & Computation

med_bio_xsmall.pngMedical, Biophysics & Biochemistry

opt_phtn_xsmall.pngOptics & Photonics

qtech_xsmall.pngQuantum Technologies