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Angeles Rivero Pacho

My dad was a great role model when I was growing up. He is an Architect as well as an engineer and knows everything from building structures to refrigeration, hydraulics and electronics. He always encouraged me to study engineering - I guess because he could see how much I enjoyed playing with K’nex and Lego as a child.

While in School I loved maths, physics and technical drawing, so engineering was a degree that could combine all of them. Moreover, it is great to know how things around us work, like the internal combustion system of our car, the electrical network, the structure of a bridge, or how things are manufactured.

I grew up in Argentina and Spain, studying the Spanish baccalaureate including Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Technical drawing. At university I undertook a five-year undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I also hold an MSc in Design of Rotating Machines from Cranfield University and a PhD in Solid sorption heat pumps from the University of Warwick.

I’m now a Research Fellow and Project Manager at the School of Engineering at Warwick. My job involves designing and undertaking tests in the lab, writing simulations and managing a research centre.

I’m really proud of becoming a Doctor in Engineering. If anyone is considering studying engineering I would say “do it!”. It’s a great degree that allows you to work in a wide range of industry sectors. More women should enter the engineering profession because it’s a career like any other. If you like Physics and Maths, don’t think twice!

Fact file

PhD project title: Solid sorption heat pumps from the University of Warwick

Supervisor: Professor Bob Critoph

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself! I play rugby, and it is amazing! Ladies, you have to try it!

What interests do you have outside of work? I study French and German, play squash and rugby and do running.