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Carys Evans

Why did you decide to study Engineering?

I want to help create, innovate and contribute to changing the future. Also it looked really fun and interesting and there’s so much to do.

What course are you doing and which year are you in?

I am studying General Engineering at the moment and am in my first year but will most likely choose Civil Engineering as my degree stream.

Why did you choose Warwick?

I thought of Warwick as a very prestigious University and the atmosphere on the open days was great. The combined first two years of the course was of great appeal to myself as I wasn't sure which stream I was interested in and didn't want to make the wrong choice. The course also helps to get a better understanding of all the different aspects of Engineering.

What is your favourite module this year?

Mechanics, Structures and Thermodynamics. As the name suggests, there were three topics in this module and I found all three very interesting. It gave a good insight into some fundamental ideas in Engineering.

What would you say to a female considering studying Engineering?

Do it! There is so much to do, it is really fun and you will have great prospects after your degree. Oh, and women make much better Engineers!

What do you hope to do when you finish your degree?

I am very passionate about the environment so I might look into renewable sources and do my bit to improve the Earth's prospects.

Tell me an interesting/unusual fact about yourself!

I love archery and like to shoot lots of arrows. I and two other Warwick ladies have just won the national university outdoor women’s champion title!

Carys is an undergraduate in General Engineering and holds a Women in Engineering Scholarship.