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Chloe Agg

I chose to study engineering because I always loved maths, physics & problem solving, well, that and the fact that someone told me I shouldn’t because I’m a girl & I might get hurt – so clearly I had to prove them wrong!

I did an MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Sussex, and having focussed on medical devices in my third & fourth year projects, I joined a graduate fast-track scheme working for Johnson & Johnson in a medical devices subsidiary. Whilst I love the fulfilling nature of designing medical devices I found that the speed of progress and quantity of paper work didn’t suit my fast paced personality and from there I moved on to designing the facilities the devices were manufactured in, rather than the devices themselves.

I worked in construction for a decade, designing heating, ventilation, medical gases, and many other piped services for a wide range of buildings. I’ve worked on pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, laboratories, hospitals, schools, student residences and many more.

Whilst in industry I also developed my company’s graduate scheme, which led me to become more involved in academia because I believe that developing the next generation of engineers is vital. So here I am, helping grow the next generation by lecturing in engineering design, and by carrying out outreach in schools and other public engagement.

Fact File

Where did you grow up? Coventry.

Where do you now live? Coventry, although I’ve also lived in Brighton & Inverness in between.

Where do you currently work? The University of Warwick, School of Engineering.

What’s your position at the company? Senior Teaching Fellow.

Can you describe a typical day? I often run to work, and sometimes even swim once I get here. Once I’m in the office my day varies hugely depending on what time of year it is. I could be giving lectures (or seminars, labs or workshops) on engineering design, meeting with my personal tutor group to support them through both academic and personal challenges, meeting with people from industry to keep our syllabus up to date & find new & interesting projects and placements for our students, testing out new project ideas or attending CPD/training events to keep my skills sharp and learn about the latest innovations to name just a few things. Then I’m off home to help with bed time stories with my 4 year old.

What interests do you have outside of work? I love to adventure, and to socialise, so you’ll often find me on trail running events or other adventurous sports events, or camping & cycling with my daughter. If I’m at home then I’m probably playing boardgames with friends & family, maybe with a gin & tonic in hand!