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Chrysoula Voulgari

My engineering career started at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, where I studied for a Diploma in Civil Engineering, before undertaking a MSc in Water Resources Science and Technology at the National Technical University of Athens.

I decided to apply to the University of Warwick as it is a very good university with a good reputation. Then I was awarded with a scholarship that could make my studies here possible. I've been here now for 18 months studying the influence of tension cracks on the morphologic evolution of slopes subject to weathering. My research is developed in three parts; analytical, experimental and numerical.

I chose this subject to study because modelling of the progressive retreat of cliffs has recently received considerable attention by the engineering community due to increasing coastal erosive processes caused by climate change and increased environmental awareness at national and European level. The house insurance industry needs reliable models for the predictions of the amount of cliff retreat over time for residential buildings located in exposed areas whereas local authorities and decision makers need to know the level of risk faced by the public infrastructure.

One of the days I have enjoyed the most has been the Warwick School of Engineering Postgraduate Symposium. This gave myself and fellow student the opportunity to present our work, discuss and exchange information with our colleagues and the academic staff.

The Library of the University is a great tool for all researchers and we are given access to most of the academic journals. The members in the staff in the research office of our department are always willing to help sort any problems out.

There are many things that should be taken into consideration before deciding to study in any University. The most important thing to think of is the topic of their studies, and then (for students that study abroad) the difference in culture, climate and everyday life.

The good thing about Warwick is that we are given lots of opportunities to be involved with extra-curricular activities. When I have some free time, I enjoy playing tennis or going to the swimming pool of the University’s sports centre. Other than that I attend courses or workshops that take place in the University when I find them interesting. Warwick is a friendly, quiet and well organised campus. The Greek community is big and quite active in our campus. The biggest thing to get used to coming to the UK from Greece, was to get used to driving in the ‘other’ side of the road!!!

Title of research project: Engineering modelling of the progressive retreat of cliffs
Supervisor: Dr Stefano Utili