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Danai Karampela

I've been at Warwick for three years now. I live off-campus with two other Warwick students. My research is focused on solving the problem of arthritis in young adults, without the use of any artificial materials. I also work within the department either helping in undergraduate labs, marking exam papers, or invigilating exams.

I studied Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Patras (Greece), but decided follow a different field at postgraduate level because I wanted a change from my Bachelor studies. I decided to come to Warwick because I liked the subject of my thesis and also because Warwick is a good University. One of my best memories so far has been seeing the campus for the first time!

When I finish my graduate studies, I would like to work somewhere where I can achieve being helpful to the people. That is why I am currently working on Bioengineering.

My advice to anyone considering graduate study at Warwick would be that if they came from a warm climate, I would advice them to be prepared for really cold winters! The general advice would be to enjoy their time here and also that it requires a lot of work hard and dedication.

Fact file
Title of research project: Finite element analysis on early hip arthritis
Supervisor: Dr. Ken Mao
What other interests do you have? I like swimming, playing tennis and have volunteered at the Salvation Army in Coventry

Quick quirky question: Tell us an interesting fact about you! I like collecting elephants