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Felicity Kendrick

I’m studying for a PhD in Engineering at Warwick as part of a wider training partnership for the Life Sciences – Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP). MIBTP is shared between the universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Leicester. In my first year I completed taught modules, and internship in a biotechnology company, many varied ‘masterclasses’ (labs) and two mini-projects at different universities. Now I am based in the Biomedical and Biological Systems Laboratory in the School of Engineering here in Warwick.

Previously I had studied for an MEng at Warwick, before embarking on a PhD in 2012. I’ve been here for seven years with one year out in the middle.

I decided to study engineering, because I knew that I wanted to do something involving maths, so maths, physics or engineering. I chose Engineering and I’m really happy with where I ended up. I’m not sure what I want to do after my PhD, but I’m sure a degree from Warwick will help, whatever it is I decide on.

All of the staff are really helpful, especially my supervisors, the IT staff, the PGR staff and the staff in the finance office. I also make use of ITServices and the library on a regular basis. An IT Services workshop in Mathematics that I attended, was particularly well run.

It’s difficult to say who the most inspiring person is in my field, if I am honest about whose work motivates me, it is my supervisors and their current and former students, particularly those that have gone on to work in industry (some of whom I met at the Systems Pharmacology vacation school in March). I could give a special mention to FWR Brambell who first proposed the existence of a recycling receptor to explain the concentration-dependence of IgG metabolism.

Fact file

Tell us an interesting fact about you! I was a vegan for 11 years. I have recently started to eat bivalves, but I eat no other animal products (except honey from local beekeepers).
What other interests do you have? Cooking, classical music, keeping fit.
What can’t you live without? Coffee

Title of research project: Modelling immunoglobulin G and FcRn dynamics
Supervisor: Mike Chappell and Neil Evans