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Modupe Jimoh

I've been at Warwick since October 2011. I am in the water research group of the School of Engineering. My research is to study the effect of changes in concentration and waste water height within a square manhole as well as the effect of its overflow/spill on the surrounding environment.

I previously studied MEeng Civil Engineering at Federal University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria and BEeng Civil Engineering at University of Ilorin, Nigeria.

I chose to study engineering because I love the tangible benefits engineering brings - the direct impact on people which can be achieved through water and environmental engineering. Warwick was my top choice to continue my studies because there are excellent laboratory facilities for my research, it is a prestigious university and the city is beautiful and peaceful.

The School of Engineering has up-to-date facilities, which are continuously improved. The staff has been friendly and show great concern and dedication in ensuring my research goes on smoothly. There are also a lot of support centres around the campus towards every aspect of everyday living/challenges.

Being a working mum, my day is probably quite different to many of my fellow students. A typical day for me would be: Wake up early to prepare the family for school/babysitting/university. Ensure we are on time to this various places. At university, I am either in the laboratory running experiments, analysing some results, carrying out some literature review or writing up. Occasionally I take time out to prepare for presentations at symposiums, seminars, workshop or conference. I leave campus between 5-5.30 pm to ensure ample time to pick up the children. I often do some more academic work when the children have gone to bed.

The University has been very supportive throughout my degree. I've been involvement in the Research Student Skills Programme (RSSP), which is run by Student Careers and Skills department. They offer help and support with academic writing, personal/professional development and research skills for postgraduate researchers. This has been invaluable support during my research degree.

When I arrived in the UK from Nigeria, the biggest culture shocks were probably the weather and the different approach to communication. I would thoroughly recommend Warwick as a place to study, the student environment provides excellent academic, research and social learning, there is also a good supply of sports and social activities.

Outside university, I do a lot of singing in church, have taken up leadership positions in the church and other charity organisations. Within the School I am an active member of the Staff and Student Liaison Committee.

When I finish my postgraduate degree I intend to return to lecturing in my home country of Nigeria. My study here has been an eye opener into modern research and teaching techniques.

Title of research project: Pollutant mixing in urban drainage system
Supervisor: Professor Ian Guymer

Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you! I love being a working mum!