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Rosina Simmons

I decided to study Engineering because prior to GCSEs, I knew I wanted to have a career which was scientific and helped the planet. The issue of an energy gap, along with increasing affluence as a global population and the increasing need of new fossil fuel reserves, was a slow but big wakeup call in my early teens.

I read widely about fossil-fuel alternatives and what people in those industries did. A career in sustainable energy generation was very much apparent, so I worked back from that career goal and shaped my GCSEs and A-levels with as much science and maths that I could squeeze in. Engineering was the realisation of my passion for science and the ticket to employment to the sector that I one day wanted to dedicate myself to. I secured a year in industry placement with Atkins in their nuclear sector, which I took in the 2014-2015 academic year between my third and final years of study. I gained a lot of valuable skills and found that this consultation work – essentially professional problem solving! – was what I wanted to dedicate my professional career to. I signed a contract for a graduate role with the same team I worked with.

I was asked to choose my favourite lecture, but it's really difficult to decide! I find it’s a mixture of both the content and how it’s delivered. My favourite module in third year was Mechanical Design presented by Mr Peter Kimber, concerning all things gears, belts and pulleys. Quite central stuff which is much more complex than I first appreciated. Mr Kimber has a fantastic passion for everything he teaches with his literal jumping across the room between blackboards and drawing with relish. Coupled with amusing anecdotes, it really brightened up my day! In fourth year, where you get free reign on all modules you study, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite from all of them. I can only recommend you study modules you’ll find interesting!

If you're considering studying engineering, I would say, "go for it!" I have not regretted coming here and I’m glad I listened to my gut when I looked around in the pouring rain. If you’re like me and do a lot by 'feel', then trust that instinct. All I can say is that despite being a relatively young university, it’s now a hot place for employers to come – big and small – many times a term for careers fairs because they know Warwick graduates are very good. You’ll be in high demand and the Engineering degree at Warwick is very good in incorporating business elements in it; something the modern Engineer should know about in the 21st century world, whatever sector you want to go into.

Warwick it as one lovely familial bubble full of cultures and variety. It’s always busy and many things going on – you certainly won’t be bored because there’s always something to pique your interest with and explore new things.

Final year Masters Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate (graduates Summer 2016)