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Rossana Castaldo

During my high school study, I met an outstanding Professor of maths, who taught me the curiosity to discover what reality hides and maths discloses. In order to develop my knowledge and strengthen my interest, I have always been committed on reading more and more on this topic. In my view, the most interesting reality is the human body; it intrigues and leads me to develop my personal ambition.

I received the Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering from Univesità degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, in December 2012. The three-year undergraduate programme in Biomedical Engineering enhanced my perseverance toward achieving an in-depth knowledge in the biomedical field. As a part of my degree, I studied various subjects relating to principles of bioengineering and chemistry foundation. Throughout my studies, I have been fascinated and interested to describe reality through mathematics and physics, because I believe that everything surrounding us can be described with formulas, theorems and principles. I believe in “The mathematisation of reality”.

My decision to embark on a postgraduate programme in UK arose from the desire to be a member of one of the top-ranked University in UK. My motivation to join the School of Engineering came from the huge interest in deepening my passion in engineering and biomedical science. My expertise in systems analysis and mathematical modelling for application to processes in biomedicine has led me to a detailed understanding of compartmental modelling and physical principles of physiology and medicine. Thanks to the contribution and support of each professor, I have become a successful, innovative and professional person able to accomplish each challenge on my own.

Warwick has met every my expectations, the professors have been highly qualified and Warwick facilities has made me feel as at home, they are comfortable and well equipped for any need. Furthermore, the staff has been always polite and available for every issue and difficulty met during this year. Additionally, I have got the possibility to become the MSc engineering students’ representative in order to be an active part of engineering community. My typical day in Warwick is dived between lessons, personal studies and social activities around the campus.

After having received my offer to come to Warwick, I was incredulous about the amazing experience I would have had during this year. I decided to live off-campus in order to live fully not only the campus life but also the off-campus experiences. In fact, Coventry is a quit place where spending time with friends and enjoying the peaceful nature around the city. I strongly advice to live this experience at 360 degree.

After my experience at Warwick, I would like to find a job in the Research or to carry on my experience in a doctorate course, because according with my philosophy of life inspired by a famous sentence of Albert Einstein: “The important thing is not to stop questioning..[….]..Never lose a holy curiosity”.

Rossanna is undertaking a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.