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Paper 10

Hello again! Hopefully you've had a good start to the 2021, and are all set to get back into our engineering explorations with the Journal Club.

This week, we'll be looking to nature for some inspiration! Since nature has already perfected so many complex biological and geological designs, it would be wasteful if we don't try to learn from them, wouldn't it? Biomimetics is the approach of learning design concepts from nature, and applying them to artificial machines, to boot their efficiency and capabilities. In this week's paper, we will see how a group of engineers from Harvard learn from the biology and swimming techniques of batoid fish like stingrays and eels, to design a manoeuvrable swimming robot.

We'd recommend that you go through the supporting materials first, to have the terminology and visuals in mind, before you tackle the paper. As always, there are a few simple questions at the end of the Supporting Materials to probe your understanding, and the best answers will go down is history on the Warwick Engineering page!

Enjoy the read!

Journal club team



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