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Paper 4

Hello again, welcome to this week's Journal Club.

This week, we'll see an example of engineers venturing into unconventional territory in the pursuit of engineering excellence. Hold on to your hard hats and lab coats, folks: things are about to get wild. As you're undoubtedly aware, viruses have been in the news a lot lately. In general, most of what we about viruses is spine-chilling: they have been the bane of humanity since time immemorial. At their core, however, viruses are nothing more than molecular machines... and in the hands of an skilled engineer, machines are merely building blocks in a technological solution. Yes, even viruses! Enter the tobacco mosaic virus. Don't worry: it won't hurt you unless you happen to be a tobacco plant. It just so happens that this particular virus has some interesting features that are very useful for the enhancement of microbattery technology. Today, we'll find out how this is possible. The aim for this week's paper is to raise awareness of a new kind of field that is rapidly developing in the 21st century: biotechnology. Engineers stand on the cutting edge of this new field - perhaps you'll join them!

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