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Responsive Automotive Manufacturing Plant

Project Description

DTI funded this work, investigating the possibility of producing a large range of niche market vehicles economically from a single agile manufacturing system. The two elements of this project were:-

  • Simulation of a cellular based system to investigate the problems associated with putting a large variety of vehicles through a production system.
  • Production of a cost benefit analysis to decide if and where the economic case for building such a system exists.


  • Comau-Pico
  • Land Rover
  • Lotus
  • Mayflower
  • Stalcom


The following articles have been published about the RAMP project to disseminate the ideas more widely:

‘The UK’s future lies in niche model production’ - World Automotive Manufacturing – August 2001

RAMP Project - In Automotive Online – October 2001, written by Toby Procter

‘A Philosophy to redefine car production’ – automation, October 2001 in the Industry News section.

For further information contact Ian Pearson on 024 765 24723 or email

Project Report word file