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Power Electronics Laboratory

Our aim is to carry out work in electrical energy conversion, from very small power (mW) levels to high power levels (MW).

A main theme in our work is the development of new semiconductor switching devices and there application. Developments in new devices will drive forward power electronic applications as developments in MOSFET and IGBT technologies have paved the way for new applications such as Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles, Electric Aircraft, Electric Ship Propulsion, Wind Turbines as well as the revolution in mobile phones and computing devices, where energy management is critical. Reliability is another main theme in our work recognising that it is a key issue in all these applications.

The Power Electronics Laborarory was preceded by PEATER (Power Electronics Applications and Technology in Energy Research) group founded by Professor Philipe Mawby in 2005. PEATER achieved and the Power Electronics Laboratory retains a reputation as a world-class centre for research in Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Devices and Applications in Power Systems and Power Conversion.

POINT OF CONTACT: Professor Philip Mawby Royal Acadamy of Engineering/Converteam Research Chair

Tel: +44(0) 2476 524 742 Fax: +44(0) 2476 418 922 Mob: +44(0) 7971 230 189 email:

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