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Surveying Skills Modules


Students wishing to graduate with a degree accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers and Institution of Structural Engineers are required to demonstrate an awareness of the principles and practice of surveying.

The guidelines from the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM) expect to see the fundamentals of surveying covered within the degree programmes. It is anticipated that programmes would cover at least the introductory aspects of surveying. (, accessed 14.11.07)

The JBM requirements can be achieved by one of the following:

1. Completing the Surveying Awareness Course (SAC) and the surveying tasks within ES3D4 and ES4D5. This SAC introduces the basic techniques and gives experience of setting up and using basic surveying equipment. The module includes some theory and practical fieldwork in setting-out that builds on the SAC.

2. By demonstrating that you already are competent through, for example, a site placement where you were required to survey. You will need to produce evidence of the type of surveying tasks that you have completed.

3. By producing a certificate to show that you have completed a commercial surveying course.

Why is this a requirement?

Firstly, if you intend to work in civil or structural engineering you will find yourself working on site and you will look foolish if you do not know the basics of surveying! Secondly, the industry expects you to have a basic understanding and skill.

When can I do it?

We strongly recommend that you tackle the SAC as early in your course as possible and do not leave it to the final year. You can sign up for the next available course online from these pages, but numbers on some courses are limited. IF YOU SIGN UP YOU MUST ATTEND. The opportunities for completing the SAC are normally scheduled as:

Years 1 and 2: Friday Week 38 and Tuesday Week 39

Year 3: Week 6

Who is the Responsible Academic?

Dr C.Oram

Who delivers the module?

Civil technicians and demonstrators as required.


Student resources

Staff pages 

Suggested Reading:

Bannister A, Raymond S and Baker R (1998) ‘Surveying (Seventh Edition)’ Addison Wesley Longman, pp.512, ISBN 0582302498


or similar book