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Modules for Year 3 Biomedical Systems Engineering

BEng and MEng

Core Modules

ES327 Project (30 Credits) sm-year.jpg

ES3** Intelligent Systems Engineering (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3C5 Signal Processing (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3C8 Systems Modelling & Control (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES372 Automation and Robotics (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3F0 Healthcare Technology Engineering Design (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES3** Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg


The BEng Biomedical Systems Engineering degree is accredited by the IET and the IMechE where students gain an honours classification of II-2 or above and pass the project ES327. Accreditation at BEng level recognises that only part of the academic requirements for CEng status will be met and therefore graduates will be required to undertake further learning. Advice on what constitutes further learning is available from each institution.

The information on these webpages is only relevant to students who started their course prior to 2017/18

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ES3 modules are at FHEQ Level 6