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Modules for Year 4 Mechanical Engineering

MEng Mechanical Engineering

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Business Management

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Fluid Dynamics

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Sustainability

MEng Mechanical Engineering with an Intercalated Year

MEng Mechanical Engineering with a Year in Research


*N.B. Note that the module listings may change year on year. Be sure to review the correct intake year's module list when making your selection. The 2017-18 course year info is available on the right-hand side of the page; please review this document to determine which module combinations allow an elective (with Business Management / with Fluid Dynamics / with Sustainability).


Please note that the MEng Mechanical Engineering degree is accredited by the IMechE where students gain an honours classification. Accreditation at MEng level fully meets the academic requirements for CEng status.

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Core Modules

ES410 Group Project 

Optional Modules (90 credits)

List A (60 credits minimum) - all modules 15 CATS

ES440 Computational Fluid Dynamics

ES442 Precision Engineering & Microsystems 

ES480 Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems 

ES4B5 Finite Element Methods 

ES4D9 Heat Transfer Theory and Design 

ES4E0 Renewable Energy

List B (15 credits minimum) - all modules 15 CATS

ES438 Quality Systems  

ES4C3 Mathematical & Computer Modelling

ES4A1 Advanced Robotics 

ES4A4 Biomedical Systems Modelling

ES4B7 Vehicle Propulsion 

ES4E4 Fuels and Combustion 

ES4F5 Gas Turbine Equipment

List C (maximum of 30 CATS) - all modules 15 CATS

ES439 Simulation of Operations

ES4A3 Automobile Systems Dynamics and Control

ES4C5 Optical Engineering

ES4C9 Supply Chain Management

ES96X Fuel Cells and Energy Storage

ES97B Bioenergy and Biotechnology

ES97E Biomechanics

The information on these webpages is only relevant to students who started their course prior to 2017/18

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Spring Term  Spring Term

All Year  All Year

Vacation Course  Vacation Course

Suspended Module  Suspended Module

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ES4 & ES9 modules are at FHEQ Level 7