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Campus Drainage Project (2006-2007)



The Drainage on Campus project was first set up in 2005 in response to the increasing frequency and severity of flooding on campus, which has been causing damage to equipment and disruption to University operations. The extensive expansion proposals announced last year as part of the “Campus 2020” programme have the potential to increase the flooding further.

Through the in-depth analysis of the current drainage system including a detailed survey of the capacity of Westwood Brook and the use of industry standard drainage modelling software, this project aims to provide a solution to the campus flooding problem.


We are aiming to meet these operational objectives:1

  • Detailed survey of the capacity of Westwood Brook.
  • Investigation of the types and locations of the materials disposed into the drainage system.
  • Validation of the Campus Drainage model produced last year using DHI MOUSE software.
  • Extension of the Campus Drainage model.
  • Assessing the possibility of setting up real time monitoring for the drainage system.