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The Project - How Light Can A Steel Seat Be?

This project is running into its 2nd year at Warwick University. Our team has been tasked with designing and producing a prototype luxury car seat.

Project Aims:

The seat will have a weight saving of at least 20% over current designs. The final result and deliverables are expected to be of real industrial value.

The design must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Include structure, trim and power systems
  • The structure will be made out of steel
  • Meet all relevant safety legislations
  • Also meet Jaguar Land Rover's additional regulations
  • Meet consumer expectations in terms of aesthetics and comfort
  • Allow for use across the vehicle range with 'bolt on' options
  • Consider ease of manufacture at high volume levels
  • Consider design durability under real world conditions
  • Meet or reduce current production costs
  • Improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact

Project Objectives:

  • Extensive benchmarking of current luxury vehicle seat designs
  • Assess existing lightweight seat concept and development processes including simulation methods
  • Develop a new seat design including structure, trim and power systems
  • Analyse and improve the design using FEA and consideration for other key factors outlined in the aims.
  • Produce prototypes of the design and perform real world testing for validation