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About the AMS project

This project is supported by Coventry & North Warwickshire cricket club. They have a total of 800 members and provide facilities for many sports including cricket, squash and tennis as well as a gym.

The current system is outdated with many flaws and the project is to deal with this.

There is 3 parts to the project:

  • The door entry system needs upgrading to allow unique member identification.
  • The squash court user interface is to be fully computerized in order to take bookings, recognize who is playing where and when, built statistics, etc…
  • Cash entry is to be independent so that money is automatically deducted from a member’s account whenever they are playing or booking.

These will be monitored via a fourth part: the server/ database. It will store, indexe and retrieve the member's details.
All of thse component connection will be done via serial cable connections.


Overall system digramOverall, the system will be acting as a monitoring and management system in the club.

It can monitor and control all the member’s assess in the club, and thus providing a safe and secure environment to all club members. The interactive booking system and cash entry will transform the traditional system into a modern and efficient system. Its modular design allows room for future expansion such as internet booking or booking for other sports.

An equivalent system in the market costs at least £7000 more.

A poster showing an overview of the system can be found in the "Documents" section along with a presentation made to the squash committee on the 15th of Nov 2005 outlining benefits of different systems.