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The server stores, indexes, and retrieves membership details. All the information is based on a central database.

The access rights are checked and authorised by the central server. It handles data transactions between the different parts of the system. Data transferred between the server and other computers in the system is in XML format. Member's ID number is used as a unique key attribute to search for membership details in the database.

The server will communicate with the hardware components of the system via serial connection type.




An open source relational database management system, such as MySQL, is used to store the membership details as tables.

Database tables are accessed, searched and manipulated using SQL queries.

Database tables are normalised to save storage space and ensure the consistency of the data.





Module Connections


To connect all different modules together, the system will use serial mode connection. The common standard is: RS232 (found on all computers). The maximum cable length of 150 m depending on the speed but RS232 can also be found on some RFID readers. We will need a special interface to transmit the signals to the mechanical lock and the squash court lights. A input/ output box has been found on the market that will satisfy the requirements. It will be better than actually making the PCB from a time, cost and quality perspective.