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PART A - The Egan Report
Section 1
Have you seen any significant increase in efficiency within the industry over the past 5 years?
The following categories are key to improving efficiency in the construction industry, please put these categories in order of importance from 1 – 10.
Section 2a
Do you have any knowledge of the Rethinking Construction report published in 1998 by Sir John Egan and his associates?
Do you think it has had an impact on the construction industry?
Have you worked on a project where some of the recommendations from the Egan report have been used? (i.e. partnering advanced processes teamwork etc.
The report put forward 5 key drivers for changing efficiency in the construction industry, please rank these 5 in order of importance.(5 - Most important, 1 - Least important)
Section 2b – Standardisation/Processes
"Standardisation was one of the main issues raised in the report, it was said that the industry needed to standardise its most commonly used components (i.e. steel and wood), especially in house building. But there has been concern expressed, that by standardising the industry, we will jeopardise the industries diversity and innovation."
"Defects are one of the main problems in any construction project, they increase construction time and cost and generally lower the quality of the final product. In order to overcome these defects, companies are turning away from ‘wet trades’ (brick & block, etc) and are using more advanced construction techniques (i.e. Pre-fabrication, on-site assembly, timber/steel frames, etc)."
Have you ever been involved in a project where you have used advanced construction techniques?
If yes, please insert the techniques used and grade each technique for the following 10 categories (10 - Excellent performance, 1 - Very poor performance)
Advanced processes and the implementation of standard components are seen by some as a means to combat the lack of trained labour within the industry do you agree with this?
Section 2c – Procurement/Teamwork
Does your organisation procure work through tendering partnering or both?
The Egan report promotes partnering as the ideal way of procuring work do you agree or disagree?
"The main reason partnering is preferred, is because it helps companies build better relationships with the supply chain, therefore making it a mutually beneficial to be more efficient. This however has caused a decrease in the amount of sub contracting and has put a strain on medium sized companies."
Do you still find that clients still choose price over efficiency?
"Teamwork was another issue raised by the Egan report. It is common in the industry to form new teams when starting a new project, but by introducing partnering, it is hoped that teams will stay together for several different projects in the hope of producing better quality products and in a more efficient way."
Have you worked with any of the same team members on more than one project?
Do you find it more beneficial to work with the same team members?
Section 2d – Demonstration projects
"Demonstration projects where established to see if the recommendations put forward by the Egan report are successful."
Have you worked on any demonstration projects?
Do you think the project was successful?

PART B - Benchmarking and Measuring Performance
Section 1 – Benchmarking
Does your company have any benchmark(s)?
If you are a client or involved with distributing work to sub-contractors do you take account of their benchmark(s) score?
If yes how much does the benchmark(s) contribute towards winning the contract?
Do you think a good benchmark is necessary to survive in the construction industry?
Section 2a– Measuring Performance
Do you use KPIs as a way of measuring performance?
Do you use KPIs to measure performance within your company against your competitors or both?
Does your company use any of the following 10 ‘headline’ KPIs, and if possible please, put the percentage obtained for the KPI?
10 headline KPIs
Does you company use any other KPIs or SPIs?
"KPIs were introduced as a means of measuring the performance of the industry. KPIs also aim at making the industry more transparent by allowing KPIs and benchmarking results to be readily available so clients can compare companies on its performance not just price. The results are also available to other companies so they can compare there progress against others and possibly find ways of improving their performance."
How easy is it to obtain information about your competitors performance and work methods?
Do you think KPIs work in making the industry transparent?
"There are over 200 different types of KPIs (not including SPIs); therefore there is the question whether the word ‘Key’ is appropriate."
Do you think KPIs have become too common?
Do you value the information gained form KPIs?
Section 2b – The cost of measuring Performance
Do you think you get more work because of your KPI or Benchmark scores?
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